About Us

Who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

You Are Welcome Here

Welcome to Mayflower! We are a progressive church with a traditional feel that actively seeks to find God's presence in our world today. We believe in an open communion table and seek to lovingly include all persons in our congregation. All are welcome!   

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Our History

In 1904 Mayflower church was organized, meeting in private homes. The first church building, located on the back of the present lot, was a one room building, covered inside with green burlap, heated with a coal burner.  The first minister, Rev. MacArthur, served 1906-07; earliest recorded membership was five in 1906. Our first female minister, Kate Haus, served 1912-13 for $14/ per week.


Our Staff
Pastor Paul has been at Mayflower since 2001 and Associate Pastor Ben has been with Mayflower since 2022.




Associate Pastor Ben